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Design Feast’s purpose is to proactively celebrate two amazing things: creativity and culture. In 1999 (original version), this website started as a collection of links, mostly focused on designers and design disciplines. Although this remains the focus, it has broadened to include stories about people everywhere, who are motivated to make—whether it’s to design, draw, film, paint, photograph, print, publish, or write. This is creative culture. Through the internet, the landscape of creative culture is far more accessible.

My goal for this long-term project is to gradually improve it as a place of patronage to creative practitioners. I warmly welcome not only designers, but everyone who is interested and invested in creative culture. Along the way, I hope to see these intentions fulfilled:

Promote design as a practice of goodwill in making our world a better place.

Feed the curiosity about design and its promise to realize positive actions and outcomes.

Facilitate the daily work of an aspiring or practicing designer of any design discipline.

Serve the inspirationally diverse breadth and depth of creative culture.

Thank you and Keep making things,

Nate Burgos

Photograph by Matt Soria at CreativeMornings/Chicago

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This long-term project and its related efforts constitute a gracious obsession. The goal is to give a wholehearted and timely serving—as much as possible—of creative culture to everyone. If you find a level of delight here, please consider acting on this. Become a Patron of Design Feast on Patreon and learn about more ways to help give direct support.