Scratch Your Niche

Front cover of 49 pages

Scratch your niche:
Fun and fulfillment through Web-based projects

A booklet by Nate Burgos, of Design Feast, that describes and celebrates passion projects on the Web.

Use it to inform and inspire your current or next Web-based effort. Take advantage of the Web as a creative medium.


With a delightful illustration, made for this publication, drawn by Brooke Condolora of Brain&Brain.

“‘Scratch your niche’ is a delightful guide for what it takes to find your passion and bring it to life using online tools. Full of relevant stories and sample tools to help you get there, it’s a great reference book to have on hand when you’ve hit a creative road block and need an inspirational pick-me-up.”

Stephanie Di Biase, Designer and Founder of Ways & Means

“Definitely useful!”

Lisa Hazen, Web Designer, Writer, Internet Marketing Specialist

“Nate Burgos has released another good into the commons. With his typical thoughtfulness and care, he’s put together an incredibly useful resource packed with detailed examples helpful to both those new to Web projects and ‘old hands’ that need a refresher. Well-done!”

Eleanor Mayrhofer, Founder of e.m.papers

“‘Scratch your niche’ is a beautifully curated collection of thoughts, examples, and inspiration. This authentically written work will transform daydreams into creations.”

Ryan Evans, Founder of Bitesize PR, Source Sleuth, Lift Marketing

“Have an idea for a Web-based project, but aren’t sure where to start? Get inspired with Nate’s guide ‘Scratch your niche.’”

Nicholas Gracilla, Founder and Principal of Neoteric Design

“You are not crazy for following your hair-brained ideas on the Web, you are crazy for not having already started. This is an inspirational book of tools and tips for creativity on the Web, written by a creative professional who walks the talk.”

Neftali Morales, New Media Creative

“Makes me want to make something fun on the web!”

John Clifford, Creative Director at Think Studio, Author of Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design

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